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Wish Me Away album medley - Scott & Maria Music

Wish Me Away album medley - Scott & Maria Music

Two years since we first entered the studio to record the first track, our second full album 'Wish Me Away' is ready to share with the world!  Life and all its challenges - as for many around us - delayed us from releasing the album months ago, so to get to this point is like reaching the top of a mountain  But alas it is complete, every project is a completion of another chapter in one's journey. Great growth and a great learning curve. We can't wait for you all to hear the unreleased tracks. To us it represents a gateway to another place.  It's an eclectic sound journey with tracks that take us into the heart, through dream time and ancient landscapes.  The album celebrates the beautiful planet we call home, and there’s a call to return to our authentic selves, the place we spend a life time looking for. Owning that inner power everyone has within to rise and to love oneself, others and the planet. The album also features two other amazing musicians: accomplishes classical pianist  Vanessa Sanfilippo on piano from France and the multi-talented Forbes Coleman on guitar/bass and lots more. Thank you for joining us in this creation! Listen or purchase the digital download on Bandcamp : Physical CDs will also be available from February 2022 with song booklet and artwork too.  The album named itself, as the first letters of the ten tracks spelt out Wish Me Away all by themselves. Here is the full album track listing: Wind Blows I Am The One Soul Driver Home Mother Calls Evergreen Rose All I Am Walk My Own Road Animal Yes I Am We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did creating this. Credits: Songs written & performed by Scott & Maria Vocals - Maria Payne Vlahogiannis & Murray Scott Ferguson Harmonium & Drums - Maria Payne Vlahogiannis Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar - Murray Scott Ferguson Bass & Electric Guitar - Forbes Coleman Piano - Vanessa Sanfilippo Recorded, Produced & Mastered by Forbes Coleman @Audio Beach Studios Hove All Artwork - Maria Payne Vlahogiannis Scott & Maria - Forbes Coleman - released December 17, 2021
Scott & Maria - All I Am (Official video)

Scott & Maria - All I Am (Official video)

‘All I Am’ written & performed by Scott & Maria WEBSITE: (Featuring Forbes Coleman on electric guitar & bass) Music Recorded, Produced & Mastered by Forbes Coleman at Audiobeach Studios Music Video Produced & Edited by Maria Payne Vlahogiannis at Creative Source Digital Services Its theme is about honouring the things that we have lost, both external and within ourselves, but choosing to focus instead on the present moment and living for today. As life strips us of all that is not us the ultimate course is to authenticity, back to the original self, back to love from which life is created. It's also a timely reminder that love is the most important thing we have. 'All I Am' is the third single from the upcoming album ‘Wish Me Away’; which will be released in 2021. Look out for the more singles before the full album release in 2021. LYRICS: I used to know it all But lately I've found I know nothing I used to know it all But lately I've found I know nothing All I know All I know All I know Is now I used to be it all But lately I've found that I'm no one I used to be it all But lately I've found that I'm no one All I am All I am All I am Is love All I am is Love All I am is Love All I am is Love All I am is Love Single Released December 18, 2020 Murray Scott Ferguson: composer/writer/ guitarist/ vocalist Maria Payne Vlahogiannis: vocals/ percussion/ drums Forbes Coleman: producer/ mixing/ mastering/ electric guitar/ / bass/ percussion Film Credits: Thank you to the following whose footage was featured: The Lodeon family - Serge, Claire, Thaïs & Inaya Forbes Coleman, Rocco (the dog) & Smalls (the cat) Bernie & Libuska Bischoff Maria Payne Vlahogiannis Murray Scott Ferguson Kate Alexandra Priestly Sarmado Sibley Angela Gonzalez Szilvia Vetsey - ‘Ébredés’ Sunny Davidson Stella Harding Jojo Blanche Henry Smith Belinda Ray Joie De Winter Jacqui Andrews Nick Endacott Gibb Nick Fairbrother Nina Dedeken Gini Mags Big thank you also for the extra professional film footage provided by: Biplab Sau Kelly Lacy Peter Fowler Ketut Subiyanto Edmond Dantès Cotton Bro Taryn Elliott Artem Podrez Ivan Samkov Press Master Tony Schnagl RODNAE Productions Darli Donizete Pixabay Martina Tomsic Avalon Royce Tom Fisk Mulemwa Lubinda Ruvim Miksanskiy Evgenia Kirpichnikova SPOTIFY: BANDCAMP: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: More links here to streaming or buying the single:
Mother Calls   Scott & Maria Official Music Video 2021

Mother Calls Scott & Maria Official Music Video 2021

“Mother Calls … hear her call…” the official full music video with cinematic landscape shots of beautiful Scotland. Inspired by the power of majestic Scottish ancient land, stones and the message received by Maria during a profound encounter with a standing stone circle in there, this song was born. Let us remember ourselves immersed in the land and learn to listen again to the wisdom of the earth. This music video was filmed and edited by the Scottish photographer & videographer Grant Hugh Jones Photography who lives and documents nature's beauty, power & grace on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Stunning views rarely seen of the land. Thank you Grant for collaborating with us & celebrating this ancient land full of unspoken wisdom & beauty, love Scott & Maria x. Listen to the audio track on all online music stores & steaming platforms via Scott & Maria - Acoustic Duo page. What people are saying: “A most original and excellent song” - Orange Hat Radio "Hauntingly beautiful" - various "Reminds me of Loreena McKennitt" - New Music Saturday radio & Sunny Davidson Music Link to track & All sites for Scott & Maria Music: ‘Mother Calls’ Music written & performed by Scott & Maria Maria Payne Vlahogiannis: composer/ writer/ harmonium/ vocals/ percussion/ drums Murray Scott Ferguson: composer/ guitar/ vocals Music Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Forbes Coleman
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