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Two years since we first entered the studio to record the first track, our second full album 'Wish Me Away' is ready to share with the world!  Life and all its challenges - as for many around us - delayed us from releasing the album months ago, so to get to this point is like reaching the top of a mountain  But alas it is complete, every project is a completion of another chapter in one's journey. Great growth and a great learning curve. We can't wait for you all to hear the unreleased tracks.

To us it represents a gateway to another place.  It's an eclectic sound journey with tracks that take us into the heart, through dream time and ancient landscapes.  The album celebrates the beautiful planet we call home, and there’s a call to return to our authentic selves, the place we spend a life time looking for. Owning that inner power everyone has within to rise and to love oneself, others and the planet.

The album also features two other amazing musicians: accomplishes classical pianist  Vanessa Sanfilippo on piano from France and the multi-talented Forbes Coleman on guitar/bass and lots more. Thank you for joining us in this creation!

Listen or purchase the digital download here:


Physical CDs will also be available from February 2022 with song booklet and artwork too.  The album named itself, as the first letters of the ten tracks spelt out Wish Me Away all by themselves.




Origin - England/ Greece/ Scotland/ Ireland


Folk, Indie, Alternative, Acoustic

associated acts//

Civil Wars, Newton Faulkner,

Jefferson Airplane,

Simon & Garfunkel ...

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