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“Unapologetic, beguiling and utterly beautiful” - Shindig Magazine


“Universal music that makes you travel, and makes you visit unknown but beautiful worlds” - Edgar Allan Poets


“Like the best vibes of the sixties, wrapped up in energetic 90s indie-pop” - Brighton Source


"Be transported into the world of boundless love and harmony of nature" - Indie Dock Music Blog


“impeccable poetry … a truly timeless sound.” – FruitSonic

“Scott & Maria have created a beautiful beacon of musical light … washing the world and its troubles away…..  A very unique sound defined by its organic and honest feel … shining their light and positive energy through acoustic and folky songs with soulful messages.” – Luna Keller

Indie Music Centre Review

by Luna Keller


" I am a big fan of great harmonies and heartfelt messages, so it’s no big surprise that I loved discovering Scott & Marias most recent release "All I am". The duo from Brighton has a very unique sound defined by its organic and honest feel that pulls you in without needing big arrangements. Since their debut album "Bright Star" was released in 2017 they’ve been shining their light and positive energy trough acoustic and folky songs with soulful messages.

"All I Am" is the third single of their upcoming album "Wish Me Away", to be released this year. It came out towards the end of 2020, a year where most of us have felt lost more than once. With the song they’ve given us a mantra to guide us through this uncertainty: "All I am is Love". It builds on a minimalistic arrangement with a clear rhythm throughout the whole song leaving its wonderful message in the foreground. It’s a song to listen to after a long day, close your eyes and let it comfort you with its beauty and truth. We won’t always know everything and it’s easy to get lost in this crazy world, but love will always be with us through it all. It’s a message so simple that it’s hard to believe, and yet so healing and true.

Scott & Maria have created a beautiful beacon of musical light with "All I am" washing the world and its troubles away and reminding us that we can find love within ourselves and all around us - if we dare to look. Included in our 'Artist Pick' Spotify playlist. "

Scott & Maria - Music revew by Luna Kell
scott and maria review on the other side

Single reviews on The Other Side Reviews 

Scott & Maria – All I Am (2020)

 January 18, 2021  Nicole Mendes  0 Comments FolkFolk Pop

Expressing themselves in the purest and most innocent way, Brighton-based Scott & Maria share their own breed of folk music. Bringing together the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel with Joan Baez and Carol King, the pair drag 1970s folk to the 21st Century. Following their well-received singles ‘Animal’ and ‘Walk My Own Road’, the dynamic duo is gaining a global reputation for soothing melodies and engaging lyrics. The latest addition to their moving discography is the single ‘All I Am’.

In line with the soothing, languid and harmonic acoustic sound, Scott & Maria focus on the “here and now” in their new track ‘All I Am’. Released at the end of 2020, a year many would like to forget, the single encapsulates the need for love with a hint of whimsical nostalgia. Reflective and insightful, ‘All I Am’ is a conversation with oneself about being in love and feeling its empowering effects. However, while the charming lyricism contributes to the endearing concept, it is really the harmony of Scott and Maria’s vocals that make the song.

With their barebones, stripped-back acoustic approach, the UK-based pair embrace traditional “strumming a guitar in the middle of the forest” folk. While people can use powerful guitars and pounding drums as a means of expression, it is the simplicity of ‘All I Am’ that makes it a force to be reckoned with in its small way. Genuine, sincere and harmonic, Scott & Maria are onto a real winner with this upbeat but still haunting track.

Scott & Maria review on Indie Top 39
Edgar Allan Poets Review of Scott & Mari


Good Day Noir Family,
Our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Scott & Maria, I discovered this Band/Duo on Spotify and I felt cured by their music. Listening to Scott & Maria’s music you are immediately struck by the vocal harmonies and how these two voice timbres are in perfect synergy with each other. The ethnic sounds and the use of traditional instruments make this music even more interesting and, frankly, I found it magical.

Their music is capable of reaching the soul, a healing and serene music that reaches the heart and makes you forget about everyday problems.

The arrangements are essential but well thought out and leave that airiness necessary for productions of this type, each instrument finds its rightful place and the voices complete this harmonic vision of life. Universal music that makes you travel, and makes you visit unknown but beautiful worlds. 

Music for the soul, music for the heart!

Os Garotos De Liverpool - Brazilian Review


SCOTT & MARIA Com sede em Brighton, Inglaterra, mas com fortes ligações com a Escócia, Irlanda e Grécia, eles lançaram recentemente a música 'All I Am' em 18 de dezembro e estarão lançando mais 7 faixas no próximo ano, sendo que a maioria já foi gravada, estando nas fases de masterização e etc. Assim como nós, eles também tem os Beatles como influencia (e vocês podem ler um texto que fizeram sobre aqui) e isso pode ser bem notado na faixa 'All I Am', seja pelo instrumental/ritmo ou pela harmonia entre as duas vozes.

English Translation:

SCOTT & MARIA  Based in Brighton, England, but with strong links to Scotland, Ireland and Greece, they recently released the song ' All I Am ' on December 18th and will be releasing 7 more tracks next year, most of which has already been recorded, being in the mastering stages, etc.  Like us, they also have the Beatles as an influence (and you can read a text they did about here ) and this can be well noticed in the track 'All I Am', either by the instrumental / rhythm or by the harmony between the two voices.


Os Garotos De Liverpool review of Scott
Scott & Maria review by Indie Criollo -

Indie Criollo - Ecuadorian Review


Los británicos de Scott & María compusieron esta canción en el encierro por la cuarentena. Esta oportunidad en la historia les abrió el camino para, literalmente, elegir su propio camino. Los cantantes crean una canción folk con la premisa de impulsar a los demás a que creen su propio camino y sean independientes de cualquier obstáculo alrededor de su destino. Sin duda es una canción que inspira con sus dos cantantes, que crean una fuerza particular, como si lo que en realidad quisieran decir es que no hay mejor camino que el compartido y el que se forja con el amor de dos personas. Recomendada si tu problema es no lograr tu independencia.

English Translation:

British duo Scott & Maria composed this song in the lockdown for the quarantine. This opportunity in history opened the way for them to literally choose their own path. The singers create a folk song with the premise of encouraging others to create their own path and be independent of any obstacles around their destination. Without a doubt, it is a song that inspires with its two singers, who create a particular force, as if what they really wanted to say is that there is no better path than the one shared and the one that is forged with the love of two people. Recommended if your problem is not achieving your independence.

Berlin On Air - German Review


Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich wie vielseitig Indie Folk eigentlich sein kann, der folgende Track ist uns besonders aufgrund seiner unglaublich guten Mehrstimmigkeit aufgefallen: ‘All I Am’ ist die neu erschienene Single der beiden britischen Künstler Scott & Maria aus Brighton. Es ist wie ein perfekt aufeinander abgestimmtes Duett, bestehend aus einer männlicher Stimme in den Tiefen und einer Weiblichen in den Höhen. Besonders gut gefällt uns auch die musikalische Umsetzung des Arrangements, welches komplett akustisch gehalten wird und lediglich auf einer Gitarre und dezenten Percussions basiert. Man könnte sogar sagen, dass der Track eine leicht exotisch Stimmung mit sich bringt.

English Translation:

It's always amazing how versatile Indie Folk can actually be, the following track caught our eye because of its incredibly good polyphony: ‘All I Am’ is the newly released single by the two British artists Scott & Maria from Brighton. It's like a perfectly coordinated duet, consisting of a male voice in the depths and a female voice in the heights. We particularly like the musical implementation of the arrangement, which is kept completely acoustical and is based only on a guitar and subtle percussions. You could even say that the track has a slightly exotic feel to it.

Berlin On Air review Scott & Maria Music
Berlin On Air Music Blog Reviews
Brighotn Source Scott & Maria Never Lost

" This track from Brighton duo Scott & Maria drops bombs of truth and peace, wrapped up in a crystalline folk-rock indie melody. The song has a warm feel, like the best vibes of the sixties wrapped up in energetic 90s indie-pop. Their forthcoming EP ‘Never Lost’ follows on the heels of the duo’s first album released in early 2017. Since then they’ve been busy gigging across the south of England, including at a variety of festivals. They say they have enough new material to record a full album, so expect more from this duo soon. " - (JS), Brighton Source

Source Brighton.png

"These guys stopped me in my tracks... It connected me with somebody else... an artist that we both love and like beyond the realms of the world... Wow that's a huge thumbs up!" - Kirk Owers (The Warp Factor Show - Channel Radio One - Kent )

Click here to listen to original full show link. 

"Joyful songs, beautiful music, flawless harmonies... Scott and Maria greet you warmly and draw you in to their world like old friends, with love and a childlike fascination with life.... all bound together with a mischievous sense of fun!" - DJ Keiran Cooke

Listen to the full live show/interview here:

Crossing The Track radio show Mondays 8-10pm on 

Twitter: @crossingthetrax
Facebook: @crossingthetracksradiowoking

the soft rock show - express fm - scott

Geoffrey Dorsett & Adrian Collis hosts of The Soft Rock Show interview with Deborah Bonham, Scott & Maria, John & Sonya from 'The Chapel Sessions' and The Zoots on The Soft Rock Show ,  93.7 Express FM"


Facebook: @SoftRockShow

Twitter: @SoftRockShow

We were honoured to return to The Pete Jones Show on Radio Reverb. Pete was the first radio dj to play songs from our first album Bright Star (2016). Loved by the Brighton music scene, it's a great honour to get to play on Pete's show for any up and coming artist. Thank you Pete for all your support.

"I feel like I've been on a wonderful & blessed journey with Scott & Maria, from their first album 'Bright Star' right to where we are today. No warmer ray of sunshine could ever enter the studio when they walk in & so much joy and love pours from every track they sing live. Great to hear Scott's vocals too playing more of a role - both exude talent, confidence and joy - rare gifts in this industry - oh and their songs are to die for too, naturally. Can not wait to see them getting the recognition they so deserve." - Pete Jones

Facebook: @petejonesshow

Twitter: @petejonesshow

pete jones show on radio reverb featurin

"Such an incredibly dynamic and talented duo, the live studio sound that was produced by both Scott and Maria was super organic, professional and high energy!! They were so great to chat with and great at going with the flow. Look out for these awesome peeps and Burgess Hill Radio will always have our door open for plenty more future sessions !" - Maxine Bull - The Indie Show - BH Radio103.8FM

Listen to the live show/interview with Scott & Miara on Maxine's Indie Show here:

Divide & Conquer

Review of Scott & Maria and the Never Lost EP

​3.8 out of 5
By Jamie Funk

Never Lost - Scott and Maria EP - RGB V0
Never Lost - Scott and Maria EP - RGB V0

" The Brighton based duo Scott & Maria have been playing music together since around 2012. In 2017 they released Bright Star and more recently they released a five-song EP entitled Never Lost.

The duo make acoustic based music but often contains a lot of energy. There are some unique melodies and arrangements throughout the EP but the main attraction for me was the vocals which often soar.

They open with “Never Give Up” which begins with a slick acoustic guitar and bass. The vocal harmonies begin right away but throughout the whole song they change it up. I felt like they were both singing lead here. As the song builds layers of instrumentation create a powerful but lush arrangement. The song finally hits a crescendo and the last thirty seconds are haunting a cappella vocal harmonies.

Up next is “Love Bombs” which again starts with slick guitar picking pattern that brings a good amount of energy to the song. The percussive aspects create the momentum as they sing together “Let's drop a bomb.” It’s anthemic and the lyrics could be misinterpreted  to be about politics and war but the song is called “Love Bombs.”

“Our Time” is a joyous, hopeful and single worthy song. It’s certainly bright and could get you motivated. The guitar here is strummed which adds to the urgency. The vocal harmonies between Scott and Maria are consistent more or less the whole time.

“Star Child” had more of a ’70s classical rock vibe than the other songs. Maria sings lead and the mood here contains some David Bowie as well as Led Zeppelin influence. They close with the most intimate song on the EP entitled “This Land.” This song is a slow burn and begins with guitar and vocals. There are some percussive elements that come in and add just the right amount of energy.

​The duo not only sound great singing together but I thought the songs were well written and diverse. There is a lot to appreciate here. Have a listen."

Rock N Reel Magazine review of Scot & Ma

Big thanks to RnR Magazine & Manilla PR Ltd for the Never Lost EP review! Appreciate the feedback, hit the nail on the head!  .. 


"Brighton-based duo Scot & Maria's acoustic folk-rock is given another outing on latest five-track EP Never Lost. From the driving 'Love Bombs' to the celebratory 'This Land' via the Bowie-esque 'Star Child', it showcases both their excellent songwriting and their trademark vocal harmonies to great effect." 


- RnR Magazine -

Review in Shindig Magazine
by Lenny Helsing

Big thanks to Lenny for checking out our Never Lost EP - You never know who you'll meet on a train up to Bonny Scotland. Scotland holds a very special place in our Celtic hearts, so it should have been no surprise that This Land stood out; inspired by time journeying through the North West of Scotland. - Scott & Maria

"In terms of independent released, folk-imbued material of the modern age, 'This Land' by Scott Ferguson and Maria Payne Vlahogiannis brings forth a progressively topical (at this juncture) message. It seeks and searches ahead, yet comes off smelling of ancient blood-red roses too. Their magical, swooning vocal and rhythmic blend is perfect to start off the new decade; just the tonic to blow away any winter blues. Unapologetic, beguiling and utterly beautiful." - Lenny Helsing ( Shindig Magazine )

BBC Introducing.jpeg

22nd Jan 2020 we received our first airplay on

BBC Introducing: The South on BBC Sussex Radio.

Thank you Jacqui Rushton for spoting us! 

"Some beautiful fingerstyle guitar and vocals on 'Animal'" - BBC Music Introducing The South

"Fantastic sound, love that one alot." - Jacqui Rushton

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