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Scott & Maria: Making the Bright Star album...

The album was set into motion by Scott & Maria's move from London to Brighton in late 2015. It has many musical influences from David Bowie to The Beatles, from Nina Simone to Newton Fawkner and Nahko Bear & The Medicine People. It is an eclectic, fun mix of acoustic songs leaning towards alternative folk.  Love, and the depth of feeling, is a recurring theme throughout the album. It also includes many references to nature and childhood.  

We booked a studio when we moved down to record a 5 or 6 song EP with our favourite songs we had written over the past few years, but after writing '5th November' around Bonfire Night, our writers block was lifted by connecting to the English Channel and the beautiful South Downs and by the time we entered the studio to record the first song, we had written another 10 songs.  Our 5 track EP had become a full length album thanks to Brighton!  The last song to be written was title track 'Bright Star'.

The album name came easily after our first recording session.  In reference to Brighton which had fuelled our creativity, and the late David Bowie who had recently recorded the album 'Black Star' and passed away the same weekend we started recording.

You can listen to the album for free on Bandcamp or Spotify/ Deezer,etc.  Our favourite tracks are (Maria): Longest Night / Sold My Soul To An Angel and (Scott): My Heart Is A River / I Can't Do This Alone.  We would love for you to let us know which one is yours!!!

There was an incredibly super talented team involved in the making of Bright Star. We could no have done this without you all, big big thank you!  Here they are:

PIANO - Gerald Clark 

You can find his work under The Great Divide on Spotify or An all round genius writer, pianist, composer.. you name it he probably does it!

VIOLIN - Jane Alexandra Scott

Facebook page - Recognised in her Liverpool/UK area for her public performances.


Drummer and teacher based in London/UK. Fascinating rhythms and feel from this young artist.

PRODUCER - Steve Honest 

A genius and a legend in the music scene. Now recently retired from the music scene and launched his new vegan shoe line pleasure to have met you!

MASTERING - John Webber @ Air Studio Mastering 

'Shards of Creation. True Voice' Painting Featured - Wendy Baxter

(c) 2009. A Tibetan Pulsing inspired piece by our dear friend Wendy, who has been an incredible positive support behind the creation of this album.

Graphic Design/ Illustration/ Logo - Nina Dedeken 

Nina is currently working on her own artistic designs and new screen printing pieces. Look out for her in 2017-2018. 

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